What do you charge?

For most projects, I charge by the hour, the base limit of which being one hour. For larger projects, I give a standalone quote and general time of completion.

Are you registered and insured?

Yes. I am a registered handyman in the state of Rhode Island (registration #39336), and fully insured.

What is your training and/or experience?

I have a certification in Construction Trades from Tollgate Vocation School, and I am formally registered in the state of Rhode Island for handyman services. In addition, I have over thirty years experience in home rehabilitation.

What projects are outside of your expertise?

Any projects that require individual licensing, I am prohibited to undertake. I do, however, have a great deal of knowledge in most aspects of home rehab, and will happily point you in the right direction if a job exceeds my capabilities.

What are you working hours?

My traditional working hours are Monday through Saturday, 8am to 5pm. However, exceptions can be made if your schedule varies.

Are you available on weekends?


Do I have to provide my own materials?

Usually, no. But if you already have the materials at hand, or plan to obtain them before the projects is undergone, that is perfectly okay.

Does the price of supplies factor into the cost?

Yes. After the job is discussed, I pick up and deliver all required supplies. Their price will be included in the quote.

Do I need to pay for a quote?

No. All quotes are free of charge.

What does “snow removal” entail?

Snow removal includes plowing, snow blowing, shoveling, and in some cases, roof raking, to help prevent ice damning.

What is the extent of your lawn care services?

I can mow the lawn, clean up leaves and other debris, spread loom, plant grass, provide small scale trimming, and till gardens. Anything not listed can always be discussed, as well.

Are you on call for emergency situations?

If a malfunction occurs in your home, I would be happy to come over and assess what is wrong. If it is something I can fix, I will. At the very least, I can help make a diagnosis, and point you in the direction of someone who specializes in such.

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